The New World

During the morning of March 10, 2038, with what began as a gentle trembling deep inside the earth, quickly evolved into a series of natural disasters responsible for changing the face of the world forever. The people living along the eastern coast of the United States were the first to feel the effects of the terrible earthquake.

About ten minutes after the quake began, the Thomas Family in Colorado Springs was physically shaken awake while sleeping comfortably in their beds. Four-year-old Ian Thomas frantically grabbed at the spindles of his headboard, horrified as the bed bounced around the room as if heaved upon a trampoline. Six-year-old Sofia Ann Thomas somehow managed to sleep through the ordeal until her mother, Lisa, and ten-year-old brother, Conner, urgently shook her awake as they hurried to the local emergency shelter.

The deep fault line ran thousands of kilometers from the northern coast of Antarctica, into Baffin Bay along the coast of Greenland. The widespread destruction also clawed about 4,000 kilometers deep into the heart of the earth, ripping open the volcanic core and releasing deadly gases, poisonous bacteria and boiling heat. Scientists estimated the Great Quake of 2038 to be billions of times more powerful than the strongest earthquake previously on record.

Around the world other disasters quickly followed the powerful earthquake. Mountains crumbled into rock missiles, destroying cities and smothering civilization for hundreds and thousands of kilometers. Soon, the tsunamis came. Mammoth waves of water formed and swallowed up most of the land left uncovered by the landslides.  

Then, the earth experienced the most destructive event of all. The scorching liquid heat released from the earth’s core melted the global ice, causing the ocean level to dramatically rise. Within hours most dry land was covered by rising water.

Lisa Thomas and her three children huddled together, peering down the hillside near the emergency center as the churning waves gobbled up the landscape below Colorado Springs. As the sun peaked over the mountain tops the family watched in shock as the world they knew disappeared before their eyes.

Worldwide, the ocean level rose about 4,000 feet above what was sea level. Now only higher altitude locations remained above the surface of the surging sea. The newly formed body of water was named the Grand Ocean and now covered more than 99% of the earth’s surface.   

Unfortunately, the natural disasters were only the beginning of the problems for mankind. Every human who survived the initial destruction was soon effected by the high levels of poisonous bacteria released from the earth’s core during the quake. Beneath the ocean, the bacteria caused the human mutations called the Hydrotians. Once the bacteria became airborne, it infected the land dwelling adult population with the Ager illness. Lisa Thomas began to feel the effects of the Ager illness within several weeks. Within a year, she required the use of a cane to support her weight as she walked.