Meeting Conner Thomas

Conner Thomas is the seventeen-year-old brother of Ian and Sofia Ann. He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but moved to Colorado at an early age. Although Conner is technically an Ager, he manages the illness much better than most people his age by using experimental Ager illness treatments. Conner is a brilliant scientist. He has spent the past several years at the science institute in Canada, working toward a cure for the Ager illness. 

Meeting Keiko Amari

The voice was that of thirteen-year-old, Captain Keiko Amari, the lead Hydro-Hawk pilot for Devil Fish Squad. She was born in Tokyo, but evacuated the city in the aftermath of the earthquake. Keiko’s family managed to escape to higher ground as the rising flood waters covered much of Japan.

– The boys watched as Keiko’s ship dropped through the clouds and pulled alongside. The two Hydro-Hawks were now cruising side by side, wings just meters apart. Keiko flashed a smile and waved her hand at the boys, like she had just won the Miss Universe Pageant. The Hydrotian fighters had bugged out, and were nowhere in sight. Keiko was indeed, Ian’s and Sherpa’s newest hero!

Meeting the Marino Bros

The two brothers were Tommy Marino, age twelve and Joey Marino, age ten. Several months before the big earthquake the brothers were sent upstate to live with their Aunt and Uncle on their farm in the Adirondack Mountains. The boys were good kids, they had just gotten into a bit of trouble back in Brooklyn. A fresh start in the mountains seemed to be just what the brothers needed to get back on track. The boys were a team, training as pilot and gunner for a Hydro-Hawk Squad.  

Meeting Major Pia Holt

Pia Holt is a thirteen-year-old Norwegian girl with long blonde hair. She now serves as lead instructor at the Hydro-Hawk Specialty School in Mexico City. She had lost her left arm and leg in a dreadful battle in which the New World Military eventually lost eighteen Hydro-Hawks and Bombers. At the time of her injury Pia Holt was the lead Hydro-Hawk pilot for Seawolf Squad which operated from the Nippon Mountain Base, strategically located near several Hydrotian deep-water trench bases. During the battle Pia was responsible for saving countless Hydro-Hawks from destruction. She continued to attack Hydrotian Tank positions, even after her fighter had been hit multiple times.

Pia’s disabled Hydro-Hawk eventually deployed the emergency pod bringing Pia to the surface kilometers away from the battle. The scrambled signal of Pia’s Hydro-Hawk distress beacon helped a recon team locate the brave Norwegian girl. She was found unconscious, floating upon the surface of the Grand Ocean.

Meeting Drill Sgt. Pinky

“Off my transport!” screamed Perkins, banging a metal baton upon the steel wall of the transport. “Stand up, grab your gear and line up with your feet on the black line! Go! Go! Go! Go! What are you babies waiting for?!”

The gruff, angry little voice belonged to none other than twelve-year-old Drill Sergeant, Dwayne “Pinky” Perkins. It was rumored that Sergeant Perkins had earned the nickname Pinky, when he lost the smallest finger on his left hand, due to an unfortunate weapon malfunction during a training exercise.

Meeting Laurence Dubois

Laurence Dubois is an undersized, yet brilliant nine-year-old French boy. Before being recruited he had spent countless hours working with his Ager father at a science facility located in the French Pyrenees Mountains. By the age of six Dubois had already established a name for himself with the scientific community. Dubois went through basic training with Ian Thomas and Jackson Shepherd, before moving on to science specialty training in Canada. 

Meeting Kat Chapman

Her full name is Kathryn “Kat” Chapman. She is twelve-years-old, and Hydro-Hawk gunner for Sofia Ann of Raven Squad. Kat was born without the use of her legs on a cold winter morning in London, England. Her father was an Infantry Officer in the British Royal Marines and her mother worked at a family owned bookstore in London’s West End. Both parents were immediately killed in the destruction caused by the great earthquake. Kat somehow managed to endure the quake, as well as the massive flooding. She survived on snack foods and bottled water she managed to gather and stash in a pillowcase. As the flood water began to rise around her, Kat pulled her body upon a piece of floating debris. She was found several weeks later by a rescue boat, as she drifted aimlessly upon the waves of the Grand Ocean. Kat dreamed of becoming a Hydro-Hawk gunner in the New World Military. Although she had scored in the superior range on the exam battery, a council of military Agers believed she shouldn’t be allowed to fight since she was unable to walk. Thankfully for the human race, the Agers’ decision was overruled by a council of young military leaders and the girl was allowed to train for gunner duty. Each day Kat worked excruciatingly hard to improve. Over time she became one of the most successful and highly decorated Hydro-Hawk gunners in the history of the New World Military. Kat is a survivor. She is fiercely loyal to her team. And, she is a most deadly warrior.