Tim Linthicum was born in Beaumont, Texas on March 10, 1966. His father worked for the Federal Government and relocated the family quite often. Tim quickly learned, unless he wanted to spend most of his time alone, he’d have to find ways to make new friends on a regular basis. He used humor and developed an outgoing personality to make new friends. Tim spent his spare time playing the drums, and writing about exciting new places. Now a father of three children, Timothy has enjoyed reliving his childhood and watching his own children grow. His two youngest children both became black belts in Taekwondo at the age of 11, with his daughter becoming an International Champion at the age of 12. One night, as Tim watched his children spar against one another, the concept of the Playground Warriors was born. There’s a bit of innocence in the stories, as there should be. In Tim’s mind, this is how children would tackle a most terrible problem; war. Welcome to the world of Tim Linthicum, and the heroes known as The Playground Warriors.