Dubois – The Unlikely French Assassin

“Next,” yelled Sergeant Honeyman, checking the clipboard, “let’s have Dubois from Upsilon and Walker from Alpha.”

The anxious Laurence Dubois fastened the chin strap of his helmet and climbed the staircase into the ring. As he stepped through the ropes he accidentally caught his foot and tripped, awkwardly falling into the ring, landing flat upon his face. The recruits of Alpha were delighted by the scene and mocked Dubois ruthlessly.

“Don’t worry about that, Dubois,” Jackson Shepherd yelled, as loudly as possible while cupping his hands around his mouth. “They don’t call you the French Assassin, for nothin’!”

The members of Alpha Squad suddenly got very quiet – French Assassin, they thought. The rumors started flying among the members of Alpha squad – quickly.

“Walker! Hey, Walker!” whispered one of the Alpha recruits, climbing partially into the ring. “Stay away from this guy. They call him the French Assassin, and I heard he killed a guy once.”

Walker’s eyes widened with fear. He shook his head with urgency, agreeing wholeheartedly with his teammate. He absolutely didn’t want anything at all to do with any friggin’ French Assassin.

Buzzzzz! And the fight was on!

Dubois bounced up and down in his corner waiting for Walker to make the first move. Walker stood across the ring, petrified, awaiting the attack of the French Assassin.

“Go get him, Dubois!” yelled Ian, slapping the floor of the ring repeatedly.

“Dude, are you nuts?!” exclaimed Jackson, reaching over and smacking Ian on the back of his head. “I’m trying to save Dubois, not get him murdered.”

“Okay, dude. Sorry,” whined Ian, rubbing the back of his head, then returning his attention back to the ring.

Dubois took Ian’s advice and moved aggressively toward Walker. Walker began to circle the ring to avoid Dubois, and before long the match had turned into an awkward, two-minute game of chase. At one-point during the match, Dubois made a terrifying, guttural, unhuman like growl while in pursuit, actually chasing young Walker from the ring. It took Sergeant Honeyman threatening Walker with an extra week’s worth of pushups just to get him to climb back in the ring.

Buzzzzz! And, thankfully, the fight was over.

For the first time in training history a fight ended without a single punch being thrown.

Dubois and Walker shook hands and quickly exited the ring to the roaring applause of their teammates. Both squads were very relieved their boxers were still alive, but for equally different reasons.

“Atta boy, Dubois!” praised Jackson, helping Dubois remove his headgear. “You owned that guy for two whole minutes. Now, that’s how its done!”

“Boxing is very hard work!” answered Dubois, grinning, gasping for air.

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