The Baby Eagle 

The bright sun kissed the blue summer sky, as it had done time, and again. The sunlight glistened upon the surface of the roaring river like fire jumping randomly about the canyon floor. High above, upon a mountain ledge, a baby Golden Eagle sat inside his comfortable nest. The baby watched as his mother soared above the canyon, so graceful, powerful, and beautiful, circling effortlessly against the backdrop of the pale sky. After a while the mother eagle landed upon the edge of the nest.

“Mother,” said the baby, “how do you fly? I’m afraid. I don’t think I will ever be able to do that.”

“My son,” said the mother eagle, smiling into her son’s majestic, young eyes, “even the mother eagle, at one point in her life, had to search herself for the courage to try her wings for the very first time.”

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