Origin of the Playground Warriors

Military recruiting always took place on school playgrounds, during recess. Studies conducted by the military indicated that playground recruiting was less disruptive to the overall learning process for the student population than recruiting during class time.

As a note, the nickname “Playground Warrior,” was originally coined by a ten-year-old student from Indonesia, who was recruited from her school’s playground for combat training. The nickname quickly became popular with the children, who began to use the term interchangeably to describe all children recruited by the military.

Regardless of duty assignment each child was trained with a common purpose in mind; to battle the evil Hydrotian Empire. With no less than the survival of the human race hanging in the balance, the children answered the call to arms. These children from all across the world became the champions of humanity. They were young heroes born at a most desperate time in history. These children of destiny were known as the Playground Warriors.

2 thoughts on “Origin of the Playground Warriors

  1. What a fascinating concept. I’m reminded of playing “war” growing up in the 60s with a father in the marine corps. When I was in second grade, a couple of dad’s dug a fox hole in our Camp Pendleton neighborhood and the kids took it over. Of course, I usually played a nurse, but was still influenced by the tv shows my dad watched: “Rat Patrol” was one of my favorites. It’s funny but not surprising that, though I’m a pacifist in real life, I easily slip into war fantasies with heroes, heroines and fighting for a good cause.

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