Meeting Sofia Ann Thomas

Sofia Ann was dressed in her tiger shark striped fatigues and wore the dark blue, Stetson hat of her father’s old unit, the 7th Air Cavalry Division of the United States Army. The wide brimmed hat shielded her big brown eyes from the setting sun. She had long dark hair like her mother, preferring to wear it in a high ponytail, beneath her hat. Sofia Ann was thirteen-years-old, but fighting in the war had managed to make her appear much older. Combat service ribbons lined the area above her left chest pocket. She began training as a Hydro-Hawk fighter pilot at the age of nine and fought in her first battle at the age of ten. Sofia Ann, the lead pilot for the renowned, Raven Squad, was known for her heroics all around the world, by humans, as well as the Hydrotians. Sofia Ann is the older sister to Ian, and the younger sister of Conner. 

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