Meeting Major Pia Holt

Pia Holt is a thirteen-year-old Norwegian girl with long blonde hair. She now serves as lead instructor at the Hydro-Hawk Specialty School in Mexico City. She had lost her left arm and leg in a dreadful battle in which the New World Military eventually lost eighteen Hydro-Hawks and Bombers. At the time of her injury Pia Holt was the lead Hydro-Hawk pilot for Seawolf Squad which operated from the Nippon Mountain Base, strategically located near several Hydrotian deep-water trench bases. During the battle Pia was responsible for saving countless Hydro-Hawks from destruction. She continued to attack Hydrotian Tank positions, even after her fighter had been hit multiple times.

Pia’s disabled Hydro-Hawk eventually deployed the emergency pod bringing Pia to the surface kilometers away from the battle. The scrambled signal of Pia’s Hydro-Hawk distress beacon helped a recon team locate the brave Norwegian girl. She was found unconscious, floating upon the surface of the Grand Ocean.

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