Meeting Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas was still eleven-years-old, but just barely. He was the youngest of three children from a loving family. He was of average size and ability and had to work very hard to become good at most things. In the classroom he made mostly A’s, with a few B’s scattered in from time to time. Ian loved to play sports and became a student of the Korean martial art of Taekwondo at the age of four. Taekwondo was a good fit for Ian. He practiced relentlessly and advanced to the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt on his eleventh birthday. Ian’s skin was tan, as he spent much of his spare time outdoors. He had big brown eyes like his sister, and wore his light brown hair, short. Ian enjoyed spending his spare time along the shore of the Grand Ocean, thinking as he watched the water move. Ian now lived alone, as his wonderful mother had to relocate to an Ager facility in Colorado Springs. Ian was very close with his older brother and sister, who were already deeply involved in the war against the Hydrotians.

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